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"Matt was a saving grace! I was literally days away from having my paychecks garnished. Not knowing what to do anymore, I decided to look for an attorney and researched all around Tucson. I came across reviews of Matt's firm on multiple sites and saw he was the highest rated and most reviewed. I decided to go in for my consultation and I couldn't hire him quick enough. Halee was awesome in helping me as well. I submitted all of my paperwork in less than 24 hours and 3 days later, I filed. I was so sick to my stomach in the stress of the debts I had. I was quickly releived. Matt made me feel comfortable and told me just to relax. I think we are all scared of the unknown and what lies behind Bankruptcy. But I cannot speak highly enough of the positive experience I had with Matt and his team. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel."


"I was in a real bind and not knowing the law, I contacted the best reviewed bankruptcy lawyer in town. After the consultation I left feeling better about my situation with a much better understanding of the law. The man knows his stuff and is very knowledgeable. I hired him and he did an amazing job. I literally did nothing but answer questions in an honest manor. The staff is a collection of incredible people, who are kind and very nice and understanding towards your situation. Thank you so so much for everything and would recommend the heck out of this gentlemen. Awesome experience."


"Matt is fearless and unflappable...Finding Matthew Foley and his team was like finding cool, clear water in the desert. After wading through several overworked, confused huckster attorneys in the bankruptcy area; finding Matt was like finding an angel. He was not put off by complexities in our case and he was always a calming, soothing commander in the midst of a difficult situation. He was a great strategist and his professionalism was amazing. He was incredibly patient to explain and reassure us of the best course of action. I have been exposed to many attorneys in my life but none have ever impressed me the way Matt Foley has. Even his staff, Halee, Alysha and Austin maintain extraordinary standards of professionalism while always supporting Matt in his mission: to serve and reassure the fiscally challenged throngs that enter through Matt's door hoping for knowledge and assistance. I would give Matthew Foley the highest possible recommendation as the best Bankruptcy Attorney in Arizona. Five Stars are not enough to capture what he does for the people of Tucson, Arizona. I would also recommend him for any position that requires competence, calm professionalism and uncanny skills, knowledge and competency. Matt is fearless and unflappable. Thanks again, Matt!"


"Truly awesome! Matt and his team rock!!! They took the stress and worries out of the whole process and made it smooth and stress free. He and his staff are caring, knowledgeable, very organized, honest and affordable. They responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone who needs a bankruptcy or debt settlement attorney."


"An EXEMPLARY Attorney! Dedicated, Caring, Knowledgeable, Experienced.... ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! Mr. Foley and his staff far exceeded my expectations! No words can adequately express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional support I received throughout what was surprisingly a very positive, stress-free, and smooth process. I highly, highly recommend Matthew T. Foley!"


"Streamline, efficient, and helpful, Matt and his team are very good at what they do. They are kind and accommodating, met with me late and explained the process, did all the work to file-which is a lot to figure out on your own. They are organized, are quick to respond to any questions and they fully understand how stressful this situation is; but, with Matt handling the situation for you, that stress is measurably less. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a Bankruptcy or debt settlement attorney. He is someone you can trust and you will also like him and his team as people. Well worth the investment! ***** Excellent*****"


"Sharp, Intelligent, Organized, Compassionate, and Concerned, Matt Foley enabled me through his thoughtfulness and expertice to enter into a legal procedure that I had been avoiding for many years. Matt offered not only expert legal advice, but also emotional support throughout the experience. Matt has organized proceedures to follow that offered me step by step instructions to complete my part of the experience. Matt and his office staff, Christina and Jessica, were always available to me, graciously answering any and all questions, and providing gracious support. I am pleased beyond words to have had this most excellent professional team supporting me through my legal proceedings."


"Consultation was very relaxed, personable and informative. I needed to file my bankruptcy in a hurry, Matt provided me with simple documentation that laid out what I needed to provided him with to get this accomplished. I was able to get him all the information in 2 days and he was able to file my bankruptcy petition the next day! WOW! This is a testament of how organized, efficient& finely honed in his craft as a lawyer.
Matt has been amazing and he will be amazing for you too!"


"Highly recommend Matt Foley. A few months ago I came to the difficult decision that I needed to file for bankruptcy. I had lost my job and my home but continued to try and stay current on my bills and felt like I was sinking. I looked online and found Matt. From my first phone call to my recent hearing, Matt made sure I understood what was going on. Matt or his staff was always available to answer my questions no matter how trivial the question may seem. Matt is professional and a caring person, I highly recommend Matt Foley."


"Awesome Lawyer! Matt Foley and his wonderful staff made what I thought was going to an uncomfortable ordeal into a pleasurable experience. Very professional while making you feel at ease. Thank you for making this easy and pain-free! Good rates as well."


"Very Easy to Work With. When I first talked to Matt on the phone, he was very easy to talk to, that continued after my husband and I met with him. He was very organized and told us exactly what we had to do. He was very easy to get a hold of when we had questions. I recommend him to all my friends."

Mary Ann

"If your filing bankruptcy this is the attorney you want! Filing bankruptcy is not an easy decision to come by. From the initial interview, Matt was reassuring and presented us with the best options that met our specific needs. Matt is an attorney who will not judge you, in fact he is quite the opposite. He is very personable and treats you like a human being. Matt handled our bankruptcy case with honesty, compassion, and commitment. Even with a sense of humor at times to help put us at ease. If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy you really do need Matt on your side. The cost of his service is well worth it and more than fair."


"If you need a good honest lawyer, hire Matthew Foley! At a hard time in my life, with not very many options after losing my job for 8 months, I had collected a lot of debt. Matthew Foley was not only honest, but made me feel at ease over my decision and that it wasn't something to see as myself failing, but a new start. He is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and gets the job done quick and fast. I would recommend any person to him."


"Without a doubt, one of the best Attorney's you will find​. Where do you find an attorney who answers his own phone? Who takes the time to call you at home in the evening to check on your progress? Who becomes sincerely involved in your case and makes certain that you have all of your options fully explained? Who stays in his office until 8PM to ensure that your concerns and issues are fully taken care of to your satisfaction? If you are suffering through unfortunate economic circumstance as I did, you should consider interviewing Matthew Foley to see if he is as good a fit for you, as he was for my own situation. Matt is the only attorney who spoke to me in terms that I could understand, he didn't rush me into making decisions, and after presenting to me different scenario's, he left the final decision up to me, which impressed the heck out of me. Most importantly, Matt does NOT judge you for whatever the reason might be that you got into the situation you are. I have retained attorney's for various matters, and I'm sure you will agree that the last thing you need is someone on your side wagging their finger at you, telling you what you did wrong. Matt is an attorney who understands the law, he is a professional in every sense of the word, and he will remove any semblance of self-doubt that you may have by encouraging you to move forward with a fresh start. I urge anyone who is in trouble to seek out Matthew Foley's advice and get him on your side right away. You will not be disappointed."


" Matt was patient and very helpful throughout the whole process. He gave thoughtful advice and explained things to me so I could understand them. He is very personable and a great lawyer."

Dan G

" The Best Bankruptcy Attorney! Matt was there for me and my family all the way through this difficult process. He never complained or made me feel less than a person at a time when i was losing my father he made this as smooth a transaction as possible he is one heck of a person and a phenomenal lawyer . I would recommend him to anyone sincerely"

Jennifer, a Chapter 7 client

" Couldn't imagine using anyone else!!!!!!! Yes! He's that good!!!! Mr. Matt Foley helped my husband and I over and beyond the call of duty!!! We felt safe with his obvious vast knowledge in his specialty field. Bankruptcy can be a difficult time in anyone's life, but knowing we had Matt on our side took a great deal of the "sting" and despair that can accompany bankruptcy away. He is kind. Thoughtful. Considerate. Honest. Caring. Characteristics that are sadly missing these days. Not so in Matt Foley. We treasure our relationship with him and would absolutely consult with him again as well as recommend him to family and friends. In our opinion, if you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, you need not look any further. "

Tina, a Chapter 7 client

" Best bankruptcy lawyer in Tucson I recently had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy for the 2nd time. I found Matthew Foley online so i called him and i was a nervous wreck, i set up an appointment and saw him 2 days later and he really made me feel more relaxed about filing bankruptcy again. He is very professional, always takes my phone calls and answers all my questions. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is in need of filing bankruptcy. He even will take payments if you are unable to pay his fee in full. He's an all-around great guy."

Priscilla, a Chapter 7 client

" Mr. Foley's experience, expertise and guidance helped give my daughter and I peace of mind and a fresh new beginning into a new future. After the passing of my husband I was confused and afraid of all the "wolves" at my door. I was untrusting and uncertain. One phone call and the initial appointment and "I KNEW" that everything was going to be okay. Matt has an in-depth knowledge of the law and was always quick to respond to questions, emails and phone calls. He conducts himself as a professional and handles each detail of the bankruptcy process with the precision of a true expert of his field. Mr. Foley is now not just my attorney, but will always be my friend. I thank him for new beginnings. "

Susan, a Chapter 7 client

" Fantastic attorney. I had the privilege of having Matt represent me in a number of complex financial issues. He was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Matt."

(a Bankruptcy client)

" Simple and Effective. I needed a lawyer to decide my options about giving up my home. A friend recommended Matt. He listened to my concerns and questions and told me EXACTLY what I could/could not do and at the end I knew what I needed to do and had peace of mind. A few months later I did a follow up call with Matt with more questions and again I hung up the phone with the answers to my questions knowing I was going in the right direction. Matt took and returned my calls/text promptly, gave me the time I needed and ALWAYS tells me to call back with any concerns I might have. A true pleasure to speak to and with. I would call Matt first for any legal issue I might have knowing he will tell me which way to go. First rate in my book. "

Tanna, a Bankruptcy client

" Good customer service. I met with Matt to discuss my financial situation and possibly file for bankruptcy. He did a great job explaining my options and provided the best customer service of any attorney I have met with, and I did meet with three others. He even gave me his cell phone number in case I needed to reach him, which impressed me. I moved to Florida before filing, but Matt still provided me with guidance via phone and e-mail even though he was not being compensated. He is very customer service oriented and I would recommend him. "

Joseph, a Chapter 7 client

" Finally! A Reliable Source for Bankruptcy Strategy. Through one of the most unfortunate and trying times in one's life, it is often forgotten by the large "Production-Line" law firms, that the need for timely and accurate information, often, is the only comfort to be had as a case is being processed. Matt took the time to carefully examine all of the circumstances surrounding our Chapter 7 filing. He presented us with a number of options and helped to formulate the best strategy for filing our case and for maximum asset protection. I lost track of Matt for about 12 months after our Chapter 7 filing. When I did relocated him, he was as helpful as he had been in in the past as he assisted with a couple of lingering issues stemming from our case which had been discharged more than a year ago. We appreciate his continued concern; even for those clients whose cases have long since come to a close. Thank you, Matt "

David, a Chapter 7 client

" Excellent. I was extremely unsure of who to contact for filing Chapter 7, especially with so many choices out there. I wasn't even sure what chapter to file or what my options were. I got extremely lucky finding Matthew Foley. He informed me of exactly what my options were. I learned so much from him about the process and the best way to proceed that it made the entire experience a good one. I will definitely recommend Mr. Foley to anyone that may be considering filing for bankruptcy. "

Joseph, a Chapter 7 client

" Much Appreciated . I initially contacted Matthew Foley just over 3 years ago for a Bankruptcy Case and after speaking with him, I was assured I would be in good hands. My case was handled professionally and quickly and I was kept apprised the entire time. Also, I recently contacted him requesting some specific information and not only did he remember my name and my case, but was able to answer my questions in a very timely manner. Thank you again… "

Jeff, a Chapter 7 client

"Matt Foley is a man of integrity. I have worked for a number of attorneys in the past in my former state. I was impressed with Mr Foley's ethics and integrity. Although our case was finalized 2 1/2 years ago, Mr Foley agreeably discussed my case and current concerns and completely addressed my questions with 100% satisfaction.I would recommend anyone to Mr Foley. He is fair and tells you like it is while allowing you, the client, to decide your best course of action. Every item concerning our case was concluded without a problem. In this day of age of not knowing who to trust in the legal arena, Mr. Foley will represent you with honesty, competence and integrity."

Lori, a Chapter 7 client

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